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Jun 8 '12

Jimmy Fallon, Carly Rae Jepsen & The Roots Sing “Call Me Maybe” (w/ Classroom Instruments) 



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    Heard this song in the van a few times with my campers and now this? I’m officially hooked. Also… how ‘bout a mashup...
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    I think Tony and Raina pretty much said all that needs to be said about this video… WATCH IT.
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  6. sloppyvirginloser said: Haha jesus it almost sounds like fucking Beirut during the chorus. luv it
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    Dave is at the grocery store, which means I’ve had a chance to sit and watch this three times in a row without anyone...
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    Now that I’ve had some time to let this sit today (and by sit I mean now that I have had time to watch this video at...
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    In re: TSJ’s “Friday” coverage… cureforbedbugs, are we way past the point where this could be considered a folk song?
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    I love The Roots and I love this song. I was at this place in Chicago a couple of weeks ago and wanted to leave but then...
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    I think my favorite part of this is ?uestlove in the bottom lefthand corner.
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    if i was going to hear this song again, it might as well have been like this.
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    Love this.
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    I really miss my 5th grade recorder right now.
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