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Mar 27 '12

A bunch of us are being serious plagued by the earworm parasite that is Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe.’ As soon as XTINE found out that Jepsen fans go by “JEPFRIENDS,” a nightmare was born and we started calling ourselves and everyone we knew Jepfriends*. We had to help our Jepfriends, and according to Bieber, the only cure for ‘Call Me Maybe’ is a finely edited group singalong. 

*FEATURED JEPFRIENDS: interweberdrinkyourjuice, speriod, bobbyfinger, iamsosorry, folkinz, hoodratbusiness, kindafabulous, ramou, growltigermattstopera, fjelstud & buster & lyla

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    I was just thinking that it’s been SO LONG since I’ve gone snorking! The last time I went snorking was my big “run away...
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    Thank you Megan, for reminding the world that we in fact were the first group Jepfriends outside of Bieber and Gomez to...
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    I just want you all to know that this is my favorite Jep-friends video. Of all time.
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    This awesome video slightly makes up for...I got tricked into listening to
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    specifically this man. marry me.
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    super cute.
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    I feel so out of touch with society.
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    Oh gosh. I’m doing that ugly laugh. Can we do this, guys? To a Justin Bieber song? Oh come on, it will be so much fun....